Online scientific journal “Philosophical problems of IT
and Cyberspace” (ISSN:2305-3763)

For authors

Our journal "Philosophical Problems of Information Technology and Cyberspace" publishes the results of original research in such areas of modern knowledge as philosophy of consciousness, methodology of artificial intelligence, philosophy of language, computer linguistics, cognitive science, Virtuality, philosophy of information society, futurology.

Modern philosophy is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge requiring authors to use universal terminology and to provide clear presentation. The article’s "cycle of life" in the online journal is entirely dependent on how the author is able to present the results of their original research in a form perceptible for a wide range of specialists.

The editors welcomes the publication of scientific papers, short notices, reviews of scientific events, criticism and annotations facilitating the promotion and development of the journal’s topics and development of modern philosophy, which conceptualizes the relationship between humans and information and digital technologies through a variety of aspects.