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Please note! Attached files are accepted by the system only if in the Word format.

Document parameters

Symbol count Up to 40000 symbols, blanks included
Margins (left, right, top, bottom) 3 cm, 2 cm, 2 cm, 2 cm (respectively)
Font type Times New Roman
Main text font size 12 pt
Line Spacing Single
Indent of the first line of a paragraph 1.5 cm
Text alignment Edgeways
Automatic hyphenation On
Pagination None
Formulas in the Formula Editor MS Equation 3.0
Drawings In the text
Links to a formula (1)
Reference to a table Table 1.
References to the literature [2, p.5]
Bibliography After the text, listed as mentioned

Mandatory article structure

  • HEADING (in English)
  • Author(s): full name, title, scientific titles, full name of the organization of employment (nominative case), town, country (in English)
  • E-mail address
  • Summary (in English) 150-200 words
  • Key words divided by semicolon (in English)
  • Article text (in Russian or in English)
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Materials and methods of research
  • Research results and discussion
  • Conclusion
  • List of references (if in Russian, translate titles into English; transliterate cities and publishers)


  1. Витгенштейн Л. Лекция по этике//Историко-философский ежегодник’89. – М.:Наука, 1989. – С. 238-246. (Wittgenstein L. Lecture on ethics // Istoriko-filosofskij ezhegodnik’89. – М.: Nauka, 1989. – P. 238-246).
  2. Heinrich D. Über Selbstbewußtsein und Selbsterhaltung/Heinrich D. Selbstverhaltnisse. – Stuttgart: Reclam, 1993. – 212 s. – S.109-131.
  3. Lacan J. Subversion du sujet et dialectique du desire dens L’inconsient freudien // Lacan J. Ecrits. – Paris:Seuil, 1966. – 946 р.

Criteria for accepting works for publication

  1. We accept for publication articles, translations, and summaries of research results, announcements or reviews of scientific activities, essays.
  2. Works may be published in Russian and in English.
  3. Materials sent to the editors should be formalized as required (structure and content).
  4. The published works should contain the results of original research with extensive theoretical and methodological overview, discussion questions, description of the specific results and relevant bibliography.
  5. Special attention is given to topical areas of knowledge represented in the international scientific trends.
  6. The opinion of editors does not necessarily reflect the views of the author, and the article may be accepted for publication subject to the basic selection criteria.
  7. We welcome research papers in clear accessible language, with a clear personal position of the authors.
  8. We do not welcome:
    • cumbersome syntax (for example, sentences over three lines long)
    • cumbersome terminology
    • artsy academic style
    • pseudoscientific works
    • lack of a sense of humor
  9. We shall consider only the works sent through the Work download service.

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Tools for articles downloading

Network service Send work is intended for authors who have prepared an article for review and processing by the automated system for receiving articles and metadata processing. Also, the author’s details will be used to create an account on the journal's website, giving access to the analysis of the network "life cycle" of articles (popularity, rating, number of views and downloads, citations, etc.) and to supplementary services of the publishers.