Online scientific journal “Philosophical problems of IT
and Cyberspace” (ISSN:2305-3763)

Review and Publishing Process

The editors of the electronic scientific journal "Philosophical problems of information technology and cyberspace" are implementing a project for the practical interdisciplinary cooperation between IT experts and multi-discipline specialists in the humanities. The principles of this interaction require comprehensive philosophical reflection. This policy is a prerequisite for the journal’s efficient participation in the development of an integrated knowledge system. The work of the editorial board is based on the valuable experience of reputable international journals and publishing houses. In view of the interdisciplinary focus of the journal, all publications should meet the following requirements:

An article presented for review should contain original research results, as well as the description and solution of modern theoretical and methodological problems in the following areas:

  • Philosophy of Language

  • Philosophy of Computing and Information Technology

  • Philosophy of Mind

  • Philosophy of AI & Cognitive Science

  • Philosophy of Social Science

  • Virtuality

  • Philosophical Studies of Future

  • Texts are pre-tested for the compliance with the formal criteria applied to the genre of scientific articles, as well as for improper borrowing (plagiarism).

  • Then the articles are submitted for anonymous review. Every paper is reviewed by an expert (reviewers are chosen by the editorial board, depending on the article profile), who has all opportunities to freely express motivated criticisms regarding the level and clarity of the material presented, it conformity with the journal profile, the novelty and reliability of the results. The reviewer’s recommendations represent a basis for the final decision on publication of the article. In case of a refusal, a reasoned opinion will be sent to the author;

  • The articles accepted for publication are posted in the public domain under the Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivs” (“Attribution - No Derivative Works”) CC BY-ND license; the authors retain the copyright. However, the authors grant the editors the right to use the article text for posting in the electronic media. In case of any conflict of interest (financial, academic, personal, etc.), the parties to the review process should inform the editorial board accordingly.

  • All articles are tested by the "Anti-Plagiarism" system. Any disputed issues related to the possible plagiarism or falsification of the results will be carefully studied by the editorial board. In case of the confirmation of plagiarism or falsification of the results, the article is rejected unconditionally.

  • The publication in the electronic journal "Philosophical Problems of Information Technology and Cyberspace" is free of charge, however the author is entitled to order supplementary publishing services, and/or any unlimited number of printed versions of the journal for an established fee (the cost depends on the journal volume and the number of copies).