Online scientific journal “Philosophical problems of IT
and Cyberspace” (ISSN:2305-3763)


After the review, if a work is accepted for publication, the author is provided with a License Agreement, license agreement, under which:

1. Licensor (Author) grants to Licensee (PSLU Publisher) the following rights for the Work for the duration of exclusive rights:

  • The right to reproduce Works (publication, disclosure, duplication, reproduction or other use of Works) without a limitation of copies. Each copy of the Work must include the name of the Author;
  • The right to distribute the Work by any means;
  • The right to be included in a composite work;
  • The right for distribution to the public;
  • The right to use metadata (title, author (copyright holder), annotations, bibliographies, etc..) of the Work through the distribution and communication to the public, processing and organizing, as well as inclusion in various databases and information systems.
  • The right to assign rights received hereunder, partially or completely, to third parties under a contract without payment of compensation to the Licensor.
2. Licensor transfers the following rights to Licensee under this Agreement based on a non-exclusive license.

3. Within three working days, Licensor shall provide Work to the Licensee for review in the electronic format as a handwritten / printed / online format - __. Doc or .docx__. Within thirty (30) working days, if the Licensee does not submit to the Licensor any demands or claims related to the quality (content) or the length of the Work provided for review, the Parties shall sign the Work Acceptance Act.

4. The date of signing the Work Acceptance Act shall be the date of the rights specified in this Agreement being assigned to the Licensee.

5. The Licensee undertakes to comply with the current copyright legislation, Licensor’s rights, as well as to protect such rights and take all possible action to prevent copyright infringement by third parties.

6. The territory for the use of rights for the Work hereunder is not limited.

7. Licensor also grants Licensee the right to store and process their personal data (below) without time limits:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • information on education;
  • information on the place of work and position;
  • information on published works of literature, science and art.
Personal data is provided for storage and processing in various databases and information systems, their inclusion in the analytical and statistical reporting, creating justified relationships between objects of works of science, literature, and art with personal data, etc.

The Licensee has the right to transfer such data for processing and storage to third parties and notify the Licensor accordingly (name and address).

The Licensor may withdraw their consent for the storage and processing of personal data by third parties by sending a written notice to the Licensee.